01. Heating oil extra light EURO EL (sulfur content up to 0.1%)

02. Heating oil extra light EL (sulfur content up to 1%)

03. Heating oil medium EURO S (sulfur content up to 1%)

04. Heating oil medium S – CRUDE OIL (sulfur content up to 3%)

05. Heating oil, low-sulfur fuel – SPECIAL NSG-S (sulfur content up to 1%)

06. Heating oil difficult to T (sulfur content up to 4%)


Heating oil

Heating oil extra light distillate fuels are that need to be painted and the paint must be stable to contain the indicator,
and intended for the burners to evaporation, as well as for all burners working with pressure, without the possibility of pre-heating fuel.

Heating oil medium are residual fuels used as fuel in industry, agriculture and energy units, and for those systems where the burner manufacturer requires this fuel. For transportation, storage and application of these fuels should be preheating.

Heating oil, low sulfur fuel – especially the mixed residual and distillate fuel, which must be predgrevati during transport, storage and use, and is intended for the needs of the metallurgical industry and for all industrial plants that require a low sulfur content.

Heating oil is difficult to residual fuel that is used as a fuel for industrial furnaces and large power units. For transportation, storage and application of this fuel should be preheating.